Translation Visits the Movies

Translation Visits the Movies

Stepes video translation services offers a range of options for your video content to target your audience in any country, this includes subtitling, voiceover, transcription and captioning. Audio and video translation plays an important role in both entertainment (the movies) and business communication whereby the use of localization can extend your population reach within this global marketplace.

The Need for Multimedia Use: Audio & Video Translation

Videos from multiple businesses within various industries require professional and experienced translation to make a success within foreign markets – some required for educational purposes. Project management is essential to ensure the final product communicates effectively in the targeted languages across all multimedia sources. Such communications consist of marketing materials both online and offline, educational courses on software updates or new programs and training purposes.
What is Audio and Video Translation?

Dubbing is done through a translator’s voice that aims are to synchronize one’s voice with the video or movie actor’s lip movements while speaking the correct tones in a highly skilled way to represent the necessary expressions to keep any foreign audience engaged.

Subtitling offers synchronized captions which translates the spoken language dialogue into the targeted foreign language.

Audio voice-over is often used for off-screen voice production, usually by a native speaker for accuracy, localization and fluency reasons.

Voice replacement is mainly about accuracy required for informational, business or eLearning orientated videos.

Stepes provides a multilingual globalization professional service intended to meet your multimedia demands, particularly audio and video translation. Often our services can be used for video conferencing and television broadcasting across several industries. Go global with Stepes today!