Freelancing has never been more simple and beneficial to students

Freelancing has never been more simple and beneficial to students

Most of us feel the financial burden of being in university and look towards getting a part time job, but is this sabotaging our education? Many people think that using our time on a part time job causes loss of focus in our studies and argue that the short term benefits of having a little extra money every week is not worth the long term effects of us not reaching potential grades.

The solution?… Focusing time outside university on a job that will improve essential skills! This will not only keep you financially stable but can also act as a push in the right career direction and motivate your work ethic.

A lot of skills are gainedby having any part time job; responsibility, punctuality, and team work for example, which employers look for on a CV; however working in high skilled areas can enhance the skills which will specifically help your studies or future career. These are jobs such as internships, editing, copywriting, and translation.

By focusing job searches on things that shutterstock_316832471are linked with your studies can actually work as a revision tool. For example, linguistics can look towards being paid to translate; by translating in to your mother tongue you can use it as not only language revision but improvement of writing skills. Translating is not only limited to linguists, bilingual students can translate technical information focused on their major, for example; law students translating contracts. This will also keep you in a work mindset and will help you to concentrate on your school work.

With flexible internships and freelancing jobs you can also work around your own schedule. Focusing on your studies first is vital and a job that allows you to decide when you work is important. Mobile Apps such as Stepes translation makes you your own boss, you can work from anywhere on your phone or laptop to earn money.

Ideally students should be able to concentrate on their studies and only their studies whilst in university; however that is not the reality. Financial burdens and pressure of gaining experience means part time jobs are essential. Therefore focus your time and energy on something that will be the most beneficial, for your studies, the future career and your bank account.