Chinese tourist mistaken for migrant


Have you ever been in a foreign country where you didn’t know the language? Completing even the simplest tasks can be a challenge. Well, for a 31 year old backpacker things got a little more complicated.

In Berlin, Germany a Chinese tourist was stuck for nearly two weeks in a refugee home! The man could not speak English or German and had lost his wallet, but instead of going to the local police station he accidently registered as a migrant. He was then transferred to Dortmund where he followed the standard procedures for refugees, he underwent a me

Refugee Camp

A German refugee camp.

dical check, his fingerprints were taken and his passport was taken from him.

Luckily, staff eventually noticed that there might be something wrong as the man was remarkably well dressed for an asylum seeker. A Chinese speaker at a local restaurant got to the bottom of the dilemma and suggested the backpacker use a Mandarin translation app. It soon became clear that the man was a tourist and wanted to continue his European tour.

If only he had a translation app to begin with. Fortunately the man wasn’t angry and just said that this wasn’t how he imagined Europe.

Finally, after two weeks the asylum application stopped and he was able to continue his European tour.

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