Stepes launches Facebook Translation

Translate Your Facebook

Stepes is excited to announce the launch of its Facebook applied programming interface (API)! Our Facebook API adds to Stepes’ existing social media support, including our Twitter API.

Stepes’ automated translation solutions make translating your Facebook content easy and affordable. Unlike previous translation models and services, Stepes API allows you to translate your Facebook content continuously and immediately, without any extra work from the client.

Here’s how it works.

Simply sign up and provide your Facebook accounts in different languages. Our API automatically extracts the content to be translated, depending on your daily budget. Once the content is identified, Steps immediately sends it to our network of 60,000+ human translators working around the world who can begin translating directly from their smartphones.

The translated content is then reposted to your selected account(s), or you can select to preview translations before posting. Users also can set daily limits on the translation spending, so you never have to worry about breaking the bank. A regular report is sent to daily users to keep them updated and on target for their translation and spending. Throughout all of this, Stepes’ Facebook API manages the translation of your Facebook from start to finish.

Stepes is the only translation service that provides a truly just-in-time translation service to businesses and individuals. Just-in-time translation means providing near-instant translation turnarounds for all kinds of content. Particularly for digital content, immediate translation results are crucial for maintaining global business operations. In a digital, fast-paced world, traditional deadlines of days or even weeks no longer work. Businesses need translations immediately to respond to global market demands. Stepes ensures that you don’t have to wait at all to communicate with the entire world.

Under previous translation models, a business would have to save up several thousand words worth of social media content before turning it over to a translation company to translate all at once. Clearly, this makes no sense for social media, which must be posted and reposted near instantaneously to have any relevance. Yet traditional translation models are not equipped to efficiently handle incremental, live translation of digital content.

Yet businesses increasingly market through social media channels, such as Facebook, to quickly reach customers for new product launches and service offerings. However, Facebook created in English usually stay in English, meaning people outside of the English-speaking world – such as China and Japan – never even see that information, resulting in lost business opportunities. Moreover, study after study shows that even multilingual customers react more positively to content written in their native language.

Stepes is able to deliver truly continuous, just-in-time translation because of its mobile translation approach, which allows it match up buyers of translation with translators from around the world. In doing so, Stepes streamlines the translation process, opens up translation to a much wider pool of talented language specialists, and allows digital content to be translated with increasingly quality and speed.

Whether it comes to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, not localizing your social media comes at a huge commercial opportunity cost. Thus, translating Facebook in real time will allow businesses to beat their competition and get ahead faster in international markets.

Try out Stepes’ Twitter or Facebook API here and here. To become a Stepes translator, download the Stepes app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.