Build your Digital Advertising Campaign for better Engagement through Translation and Relevance.


Businesses use digital advertising campaigns as a source of acquisition in addition to various tools and methods to optimize the performance of these campaigns. Such methods consist of translation platforms to and use expertise to optimize the digital displays and landing pages by altering the layout, text and colour themes.

Stepes is a paid translation platform used in conjunction with TermWiki a network of professional linguists to ensure content is not only translated but localized to have maximum relevance to customers. In turn, this could lower the price you pay to advertise your display media campaigns online to target a foreign audience. See it like a cultural background behind the words of advertising.

Advertising and translation is useful for businesses wanting to expand your international client base. Below are 5 great useful tips on how to ensure your digital advertising campaign is effective and optimized.
The FIVE Great Tips

1. Your Target Audience

Consider extensive research and start to select your target audience for your message of your product or service. Make sure you budget effectively and have a realistic target for your cost per acquisition figures. Forecast effectively to monitor the progress and development of your advertising campaigns. Be precise and thorough when you select your target audience. For example, you could choose several different translations for different areas within one country. Or even tailor your advertising copy to either target a young age group or an older age group. By using Stepes the translation platform, the linguistic network of over 50,000 people can assist your business in these areas and translate the copy to ensure customers see what they know and will accustom to. In other words, know your location and demographics.

2. Know your Options

There are multiple ways to reach international audiences, know your options and expand your advertising translation materials to cover various channels of communication; such as, print advertising and press releases. Also make sure you translate your blog or website of the product or service you want to market to increase your population reach.

3. Localization

Localization is the adaption of all advertising and marketing methods, from design to cultural differences. Minor tweaks can mean big changes in response rates of your digital campaigns and contribute towards sale numbers. For example adverts for “torch” in the U.K. is called “flashlight” in the United States. Use Stepes translation platform to prevents this.

4. Look at the Big Picture

Translation is a vast topic and there is more to it than just translating the copy. Remember that graphics, layout and design are attention grabbing points for any audience. These are also necessary for the translation’s legibility. You might need to make changes for the direction in which the language is read, or the digital space that a difference script or alphabet takes up.

5. Be Optimistic

Maintain a degree of consistency throughout any advertising campaign – this is what makes your brand, product or service and business reputation recognizable in any given language. Remember, what works in one language may not always work in another. Stay open to new ideas and be optimistic, such traits will make sure your message isn’t lost in translation!
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